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The Cosmic Landing Community

… where we encourage and support “Courageous Quitting”!

But mostly We’re a Community about discovery, play, and Coming Alive!

For 32 weeks we (Rita and Scott) have been collaborating by sharing a technique called Kylego* which has served to unlock much “Future Wisdom” for us. 

Around week seven, major breakthroughs happened for us both, and new micro-businesses and ways of being in the world emerged.  Even this very website, Rita’s Soul Circles, and this community were birthed through this process.  

And we recorded it all to video!

Now we want to share our stories and breakthrough methods with the world
so that others may come alive!

*Kylego – A process created by Kyle Cease where one speaks as if they are in the future, looking back at their situation, goal, or “most impossible dream” – as if it has already happened.

What is the Cosmic Landing Community?

We’re not just another online subscription service…

We want to build a collective of souls who are part of a quiet revolution of creators, meditators, walk-outs, and rule-breakers!

There’s a new paradigm coming through – a REVOLUTION – where many of us who are aspiring and practicing creative change-makers, entrepreneurs, artists, healers, coaches, etc., and just everyday humans – are coming to a new approach to creating our own paths and spreading love to the world.

  • We get more authentic and DEFY “target markets”, “niches”, and the concept of “Sales and Marketing” in general. We create our own fields. And when we do that, we know that we’ve “landed” in a way that the Universe supports.
  • We’re getting quiet. We meditate, take naps, and indulge in our own self care.
  • We dig deeper into our own authentic selves – all of our feelings, all of our imperfections, all of our joys, all of our love. It all comes along when we “play big” or “show up small”.  (In fact, we believe that “playing big” and “showing up small” are FICTIONS that we trick ourselves into believing are true.)
  • As Cosmic Beings we step into ourselves and share ourselves with the world. We honor our inter-dimensional, authentic, bold, playful, quiet Self. We shred the box that was built for us – without permission or apology.

We invite you to play, to dance, to accept yourselves fully, to be courageous, and to step into the zany-strange-marvelous-juicy-quiet-big-small-SUBCONSCIOUS and Inner-Wise-Dangerous beauties that you are in this existence.

How does the Cosmic Landing Community work?


We realize that we could coach others for higher prices to help them create their own
“Priceless Breakthroughs”
But We wanted to create something Affordable for everyone.

So we’re rolling out access as we start at a big discount for our founding members!


$88 per year subscription!
Access all of our videos and more!

All members of our community receive access to our private facebook group where we encourage, support, and mentor one another.  Through our sharing, we can become collaborators, co-creators, supporters, and discoverers of the “new fields” we wish to step into.

But that’s not all!  All members will also receive:


  • A FREE digital download of one of Rita’s Cosmic Soul Circles that you can use for meditation (with regular releases of new ‘public’ Circles for you to download and use!)
  • Access to ALL of our current and previous calls where we do an exercise called “Kylego” where we step into the future and speak about “what has already happened”. We have 24 previous videos to share, and you’ll see new videos show up WEEKLY as we kylego and as we bring on guests.
  • Extra videos and other content from Rita and Scott to support your notions of “I Quit” – our philosophy of stepping out and carving our own paths and creating our own fields for work, life, relationships, etc.
  • FREE access to future Live “Essence Meetings” via Zoom where we practice “Getting Quiet” and tapping into our true Essence. Fun exercises and lots of play will happen with these meetings, probably once per month.
  • More intuitive readings and videos from Scott talking about Celtic and Universal concepts, the cosmic aspects of our beings, and following our path through the Universe with ease.

And we’re sure there will be more!

Meet the Hosts of the Cosmic Landing Community

Rita Roberts is an artist, illustrator, and screenwriter living in the San Luis valley of southern Colorado.  When she’s not making Soul Circles for others, she mentors other painters on “Understanding Clouds“.  She’s also an author and illustrator of childrens’ books and scripts for stage and screen.  She is a master at the “I Quit Lifestyle” and understands fully the notion of “Getting Quiet is a Thing!”
Scott Schumacher is a corporate drop-out, web designer, business and personal coach, and traveler/wanderer.  He loves taking walks in the woods in Minnesota with his dog, Junebug on a daily basis.  He’s a holistic health nut (geek really) with 20 years of antibiotic and prescription-free living who can’t get enough of learning and self-development.  He’s also a Celtic Druid who loves to share his intuitive insights and mentor others in the art of Tarot and Oracle Card reading.
Through their collaboration of art and coaching, Rita and Scott continually share the methods and exercises that have helped them to shift their own businesses and ways of being with other artists, healers, coaches, entrepreneurs, “dropouts”, and “quitters”.  Through the Cosmic Landing Community, they hope to give access to a broader base of seekers who resonate with them at a lower cost, to give them a taste of what they offer.

Join Now!
Share your “most impossible dream”


$88 for a Year of Access
A Growing Library of Videos
A Growing Library of Tools to “Get Quiet”
Ongoing Group Support in our Private Facebook Group

**Quit Anytime!  We encourage quitting ANYTHING that doesn’t feel good!
(Because it would be a very bad idea to quit our community unless it doesn’t feel like a fit…
then, by all means, get lost!

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