Kylego 34 with Rita and Scott

Our latest Kylego, where we speak from the future as if it has already happened. This is the exercise we’ve done for 34 weeks, that has given birth to this website and all of the things we do now! Today we talk about planting seeds, life reviews, going against or “counter” to the current systems, and trusting that the Universe has our back.

The Cosmic Inspiration Line

The Cosmic Inspiration Line

One of my greatest heroes and mentors, SARK, has had an inspiration phone line for over 25 years.  I remember calling it back in 1993 when it started, when she described the Miracle Branch from a tree that was growing into her Magic Cottage.  I believe we all should have our own inspiration lines, places that people can call and listen to stories, hear poetry, be with their feelings, and not feel alone.  This is our gift out to both our community and the world.  May we all meet in quiet dreams together in our Cosmic Landing Pages of the stories of our lives!

Call any time to hear the outgoing message – we will try to change it weekly!
(712) 525-8100

You may also leave us a brief message if you like!

Honoring What I Love

Day 2 Exercise – The Entrepreneurial Shift
A free write of the things I love and love doing.

Coffee and coffee shops – I just love taking in the scenery, the people, the atmosphere, the coffee, and letting it put me in a place of comfort so that I can work, create, write, be. I feel like I’m in an idea incubator, and a conversation terrarium. So much is going on, and I feel like I often can just feed off of the energy and the ideas that are pouring out of everyone. I can write and create just by being in the electron field of everyone around me who is doing the same.

Tennis – I love setting foot on the court and having a place where I can move my body in a way that I feel I’m good at. Tennis is like art to me when I serve. It’s a challenge where I meet my demons and smash them into the opposing side. I come in to play the game and to un-apologetically win if I win. Un-apologetically create art, make aces, hit winners, and get caught up in the moment. Tennis is exciting for me! It’s high internal drama!

Singing – Since I was a little kid I’ve loved singing, and I love my voice. The opportunity to express myself and to interpret and present a living song. To move me, to move others, to tell stories, and to affect the electromagnetic field around me. I sing to the interdimensional planes and I sing to my cells and the cells of others. I want to be a change and a shift in the world, and this is where I have power to do this. I’ve made myself and others cry from singing, and it’s authentic. Sometimes I’m not polished with stage presence, but I sing from a place of intricate interpretation of art and storytelling. Artistic expression reigns there, even through the technical.

Dreaming and being in the dream space I love how my dreams are portals to those places of the subconscious world and the interdimensional spaces that DO exist that I can travel to. I do not see dreams as an artificial construct or simply our brain defragmenting. Dreams are a part of reality and consciousness. They are worlds and they are energy, and I feel that they are structured in a way where we’ve not yet tuned into the same way as the waking reality, but they exist, and they are there for us to interpret, work in, solve problems in, and receive information that is vital for our lives.

Conversations about Spirituality and Consciousness – I love to travel in these realms of wonder that cross over between boundaries of science, religion, spirituality, love, hate, conscious and unconscious belief. I think that these conversations and wonderings have exercised and expanded my mind and my own conscious living, because I recognize and see the shifts. I’m only now beginning to understand that there’s a high level of pliability in the universe and our consciousness. We have precognition far beyond what we know and what we can know. That precognition could be a part of our innate consciousness, or it could be God reaching back to us. I travel fluidly between these explanations and embrace them both not as dualities but as part of a constellation of possibility. What if God is a star? What if the big bang is still happening now, and we are a part of it, existing right now. What if our sun has its own consciousness, and reaches into our cells to produce the very essence in us of what is LIFE, LOVE, and Exsistance.

I love thinking like an artist. I love artistic expression. I often wonder what it would be like to completely immerse myself into artistic expression for a time. That perhaps this is our natural state – to create with the world within our conscious fields. And really, everything we do is Artistic expression – from the way we write to the way we think, dress, walk, wear clothing, speak, sing, etc. We’re walking art. It’s ironic the paradox of me wanting to be a constant artist and knowing really that I am already and just crave external a “look what I made mommy” kind of kid, wanting the world and universe to just be pleased or shocked, or dancing with excitement. Artists are children, who need this kind of feeding.

I love the psychic, paranormal, and spirit realms. Moreso, I love knowing that I can tap into these energies to assist me in life. I do this every day, and it’s often my secret that I don’t let out. It’s fun to have secrets, even if they aren’t so secretive and everyone has the same secret.

I love nature and trees. I love walking in the woods with my dog where I can just feel the consciousness of the trees around me. I can feel when trees are happy, and I love to witness wildlife and send out love energy.

I notice that web design really hasn’t come into my love list. hmmmmm….I think I’m good at it because I have a creative mind and I know how to manipulate technology. It’s more of a skill to make money based on how I’ve learned to adapt in the world and how to be free. I do love my freedom, so I love the PRODUCT of what doing design for others brings me – money to be in the spaces of art and learning and spirit which feed me. My work is a tool for me..and I’m good at it. I often wonder though if there are other forms of artistic expression that I could immerse myself into and also make money I need to be in the spaces I thrive in.

I love cooking and preparing my own meals. I love the self-sufficiency of it.. using what nature and the universe has provided. Living and thriving on mother earth’s bounty. Relying on God’s energy that is inside every living thing. I’m stronger and younger because of this ethic. I don’t look or act my age based on today’s societal expectations of an almost 49 year old. I believe there are others out there like me, who have relied on natural medicine, carving their own paths, and have kept themselves young to a point where eventually they must covertly change their age, as they simply do not age physically.

I love living outside the mainstream. Yes there is solitude and you can be rejected, and there is pain, but no worse than the pain of living inside a mainstream that is not in alignment with who one really is. I am fluid. Covert. Hidden. Disguised. I often step up to bloom publicly, but when and where I choose. I do this with the goal of awakening others. I love the idea that I can awaken others.