A great collaborative MOO-lego

Today, Rita and I were joined by Sharon Bechtold in our regular “Kylego” meeting.  This was our 24th online meeting over Zoom, which has been responsible for the creation of the concept of Cosmic Landing Pages, Rita’s Soul Circles, and so many other ideas and breakthroughs.

Sharon is a natural at the Kylego process, and she even helped us be light and fun by somehow shifting the undertone to that of Cows.  Yes, Cows!

Sharon’s “Moo-Lego” helped us to focus on possibilities of some deep collaboration where our gifts all overlap.  Scott talks about an idea in 2020 about creating an “I Quit” Subscription Box.  Finally, Rita speaks more directly to the idea of the “I Quit Culture” of stepping out and creating our own paths.

We left this Moo-Lego session just activated and inspired, and we thought we’d share the process with you!  We’ll now be delegating our time-keeping to a Cow!  Enjoy!

Rita Roberts’ Soul Circle Webpage:

Sharon’s Pyrography Website:

Our Cosmic Landing Community is Taking Shape

As Rita and I continue our journey of “kylego” – an exercise of mapping our future as if it has already happened, as always, big gems of wisdom come out of these exercises. We’ve been doing them for almost 25 weeks now, so we’re starting to understand the power that the exercise holds.

In this video, you’ll learn about many of the aspects of the upcoming Cosmic Landing Community that we wish to form. As well, the new business and coaching model of simply having a conversation and then a business can be formed, with how I’ll be creating these “Cosmic Landing Pages” for those who wish to have them created.

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Enjoy the Video!

My Cosmic Sabbatical

My Cosmic Sabbatical

As I write this, I’m at the final stretch of my road trip I’ve been on since May 4th.  I’m currently in Colorado, actually visiting Rita for the first time.  Tomorrow I head back to the Midwest, stopping in Kansas, then to my parents’ place in Northern Missiouri.

Being on the road has stretched me and taught me quite a bit so far!  I felt a bit of anxiety at times, feeling “far from home” and far from what I know.  Mostly, the result I’ve found of this trip is that I really want to start “showing up more” with regard to a few things in my life in particular.

1.  My Health and Fitness
I think I stayed at a “satisfied” point for too long.  Thinking to myself, “You’ve lost 70 pounds, so who are you to want MORE at this point in life?”  What a horrible voice in my head that I need to just squash.  I think being on the road has taught me that my greatest asset is my health.  The stronger and healthier I am, at any stage of my life, the better I can be.  Plus I want to be more inspiring to other men in my age group who are needing to make a health change.

2.  Finances and Income
Again, last year, I made the most I’ve ever made in my business ever, but I’ve felt stagnant since then.  I think it’s still part of that “old voice” that tells me I’m unworthy of wanting more.  The truth is, and I know this, that as my own boss, my income is completely dependent on ME.  I set my rates.  I choose my business offerings.  I choose innovation or stagnation.  I’m wanting an upgrade now, because I think after 10 years of working for myself, I want more of it, and it’s time to give myself total permission for the Universe to reward me if it so chooses.

3.  Friends and Relationships
I so wish I could take everyone I’ve met along this trip home with me.  I’m finding that I completely enjoy the interaction with friends over my phone, facebook, etc. while on this solo journey.  I need to surround myself more with wonderful people and not seclude myself.  Maybe I’m ready for a relationship again.. or maybe just dating… who knows.  But I’m looking for more.

All in all, I’m a little homesick too.  I’m looking for more.  To be more, and to be better in a very authentic way.  I’ve found that I’m a total Midwesterner, and I love that.  I guess this is what Cosmic Journeys are for – to stretch you out, where you can find yourself once again!

Blessings to all,

Cosmic Delegation

Cosmic Delegation

Admittedly..I’m not good at delegation, even though I tell everyone else that they need to delegate tasks. Though I do have on my calendar, a note in July (which is fast approaching), to find a virtual assistant and start delegating tasks to him or her.

From the team of folks I have listed out for myself, most of these people are collaborators, influencers, and inspirers. I have yet to find a really AWESOME virtual assistant who can be likened to a “mini-me” who can task manage everything.

But I did hire a dog walker recently! And this.. has made a big difference in my productivity. And while I do work primarily from home, I often times LOVE to sit with my bagel sandwich and coffee at a local bagel shop to do my writing and creating. It’s my “office hours” as I call it. I’m able to stay longer at my “office” to do my creating, while my great dog-walker, Zene does his magic with my doggie Junebug.

And I know that Zene is completely in his element as he has quite the life. He’s a college student majoring in studio art, and he takes care of dogs. This is his zone. I love my doggie immensely, but I do believe that having another person come in to care for her is also helping her socialization with people once again. So it’s a Win-Win-Win. Zene gets paid to do what he loves. I get more time to create away from home. Junebug gets a walk with another cool dog person 4 days out of the week!

I often wonder if there are ways too, that we can delegate certain feelings or energies. If I could delegate my worries to the trees I encounter on a trail, could they transform them into comfort? Could I delegate parts of my design process to my dream space, so that my subconscious mind can work magic during naps? Could I also delegate my insecurities by giving my “inner critics” horrendous jobs to do to keep them busy and at bay? Could my “inner-Wise Elf” travel and meet with someone else’s Inner Wise Self to work out a conflict?

This is one thing that fascinates me with regard to this “delegation business” – we tend to always delegate our tasks and to do list items. But can we delegate our feelings and attachments to these things as well? Can my worker gnomes flood the space to protect me when I feel verbally attacked? Can a Cosmic Rubbish Bin Circle transform negativity for us? Can one landing page accomplish everything we need in a business, allowing for more business AND quiet?

I think that really, we could delegate almost anything, aside from a few things:

Dreaming (though perhaps one could dream for another)

Who’s on your “team”

The word “team” for me is quite a loaded one.  After working in the technology and customer support arenas for so long, to me, that word “team” gets thrown around so much – to a point of it being nauseating.  And for the most part, in my opinion, really good “work teams” in the corporate 9-5 world are very rare.  Hence, I have done solo work for the better part of the last 10 years.

But today I was charged with taking stock of who might be on my “team” – of influencers, believing mirrors, inspireres, collaborators, etc.  Who do you draw energy from most out of your friends and contacts?  We were told to just write down those people.. regardless of the “how” you might connect or collaborate in the future.

My list not only included some of my own clients, but a number of people outside the periphery of things – those I speak to on social media, influencers I follow who’ve gotten to know me through my chats and comments, people who share my struggles.  Of course, for me too, there is Rita Roberts who is coming along with me and collaborating (or maybe I’m coming along with her).  But there is definitely a concept of “inner and outer circles” of influence.  Some “team members” provide different roles, different inspiration, or different inputs.  Some simply show up and give ideas or suggestions, and others are critical eyes.

The good thing is – I don’t have to KNOW how they will all play a part in this “shift” with me.  I can let these roles morph and evolve while still being a solopreneur.  Much to ponder today about “team”.

Thanks for listening!