What if we get to make up the rules of how our world works?

What if our individual rules are made for us already, based on the qualities of each one of our unique souls? My rules are different from yours, and yours from mine.

What if, outside of Universal Truths, my world works differently from yours simply because I’m me, made to do the things I am made for and you are made to do something entirely different? And in a vastly different way, at a pace designed especially for you.

These possibilities could eliminate judgment, frustration, trying to get things right, pushing any boulders up hills, or failing. I can simply step into the flow and allow the God’s Laws to direct me where the greatest excitement is to uncover and express all the qualities gifted to my perfectly design soul. Or yours.

Recently, Scott said to me, “You’d be surprised at what the circles can handle.” So I made a Soul Circle for myself where I toss all nonproductive thoughts and feelings into it like a cosmic rubbish bin. It spins and flings them out into a black hole, where they will be dismantled and sold for parts. This circle has it’s purpose and is happy to fulfill it.

Cosmic Rubbish Bin

You can borrow this new way of how things work. Go ahead and use this “cosmic rubbish bin” if it works for you, too. Toss in all the unnecessary, destructive, limiting thoughts and ideas that keep you from living in your gifts.

It can handle a lot.