Meet Scott
Web Oracle and Walker Among Trees


I’m Scott Schumacher, the creator of Cosmic Landing Pages, and the co-host of the Cosmic Landing Community. By day I call myself a web designer, coach, solo business consultant, and intuitive.

However, hen I began to “unplug” or “unshackle” myself from many things in life, and when I made a conscious choice to “really get quiet” and dig deeper – I found that I needed to share a new biography with the world. I feel as if I’m now “creating my own field” with parts of myself who I am, and the combination of new and old things I’m doing in my life.

Lots of quantum shifts happened for me after a divorce and move in late 2016. Not only did I lose 70 pounds, but I discovered amazingly new ways of being in the world.  But even THAT is an OLD STORY. 

I embraced my introvert self.
I Got Quiet through regular meditation.
I returned to a ritual of walking in the woods regularly.
I started welcoming all of my feelings in the “messy middle” of life.
I woke up each day to DISCOVER who I was, and threw away old definitions as much as I could.

I’ve now created new titles for myself:

Corporate Dropout

Quiet Revolutionary

Inner-Wise Elf

Web Oracle

Solo Biz BadAss

Walker Among Trees

Cosmic Fixer

Both personally and in my professional life, I strive to serve others who are HIGHLY collaborative, HIGHLY creative, and HIGHLY courageous – who have a DEEP KNOWING that they are put on this planet to help shift humanity and change the world.

I’m of the opinion that we are all – at our core – authentic and inter-dimensional beings. Perfect. Imperfect. Eternal. We fragment ourselves when we hold onto our “old stories” of who we are. We often receive love and rewards for those old stories, so letting them go can feel like a “death”. When we integrate all of the authentic, eternal, inter-dimensional, perfect and imperfect parts of ourselves, we can easily release an old story. We can live in the “messy perfect” place of discovery.

And I’m stepping out to experiment, to serve, and to try to find that “messy perfect” – for myself, and for all those I serve.

To me, that’s what a Cosmic Landing Page serves to illustrate; all that is perfect, imperfect, authentic, eternal, bold, and vulnerable. It’s all thrown onto the page – unfragmented and fully integrated. It’s a step outward so that our souls and the world’s soul can expand.

My doggie (Junebug) and I relaxing at home.

Years ago, I learned about “counterpractice” while paying attention to the natural world.  Blindfolded walking among trees gives me a more tactile and intuitive relationship with them.

My “before and after” picture, after losing 70 pounds in 2017.  Health and wellness are incredibly important to me now as I approach my 50s.

The Celtic Butterfly Soul Circle created specifically for me by Rita Roberts.